Our Church Staff


Pastor – Daniel R. McEldowney, CRE

            Office phone (private line)  663-5254 

    Home phone 664-2571 

  Church Office Phone/Fax  814-665-3827  


Secretary                                       Barb Sproveri

Custodian                                          Brian Titch

Time Out Director                              Kay Black

Time Out Aide                                Lynn Gilbert

Time Out Aide                           Dixie Anderson

Time Out Aide                   Mariann Adolphson

Class of 2017

  Dale Black  

  Renee Patterson

  Sandy Zeaman 


Class of 2018

  Judy Silvis

  Mariann Adolphson

  Joan Hannan-Klisch

Class of 2019

  Barb Bemis

  Mel Cole




Building & Grounds                          Dale Black

Personnel                          Mariann Adlophson

Nominating                                           Mel Cole

Finance                                       Sandy Zeaman

Music & Worship                    Renee Patterson

Missions                                              Judy Silvis    

Christian Education         Mariann Adolphson

Membership & Welfare               Joan Hannan

Time Out                                          Barb Bemis

Treasurer                                             Bob Grice

Financial Secretary                    Dave Simmons

Clerk of Session                              Beth Mather

Head of Corporation                                    

                         Beth Mather, President

                         Mel Cole, Vice President

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