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About us


A congregation that is involved in the church’s life with joyous and inclusive worship that includes praise, proclamation and application of our faith.  We will care, support and minister to one another in times of need and celebration.  We will maintain special concern for children, youth and older members.  All will have opportunities for study and prayer.  We will participate in ministries of compassion and justice in our community and the world.  We will be led by the Holy Spirit to grow in faith and knowledge.


A Brief History:  The First Presbyterian Church of Corry was founded on January 18th, 1864.  The first church consisted of nine members and was held in the Concord St. Schoolhouse.  Our first pastor was Reverend J. Odell.


Our first church building (middle picture) was on the corner of Pleasant St. and South Center St. and was dedicated in 1884.

Reverend Gilbert L. Boyd was the longest serving pastorate in the history of the church.  He served for an amazing nineteen years, from 1931-1950.


Our current church building (minus the addition which was finished in December of 1997) was dedicated in October of 1969. (bottom picture)


Throughout the years of our church, we have hosted various church functions and community outreach programs.  Some of these include: fun fairs and auctions, Vacation Bible School, church picnics, Sunday school classes, and music festivals.

Our church has been and continues to be a vital part of our community.


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